Umbrella Plant 95cm

Umbrella Plant 95cm

SKU: PL023

This beautiful Umbrella Plant (Dwarf Umbrella Tree) has 5 stems growing directly upward and an umbrella-shaped cluster of vibrant green leaves at the top of each stem. The carefully designed leaves resemble delicate flower petals bursting forth to greet the sun.


This potted decor may be artificial but its impressively coloured leaves appear lifelike enough to give any room a fresh look and will add style and “instant designer” appeal to your indoor surrounds.


Garden Wonderland have a range of hedge coverings, artificial plants and succulents that have instant designer appeal, are maintenance free and will fit any home décor. The “indoor only” range offers natural foliage to brighten up your indoor spaces.


Key selling features

Natural foliage to brighten up indoor spaces

Instant designer appeal and maintenance free

Indoors only

Adds beauty, style and design to your home

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