White Orchid 65cm

White Orchid 65cm

SKU: PL019

Orchids are notoriously difficult to care for so why not enjoy this exquisite beauty without the bother of watering, feeding and pruning? The magnificent blooms on this artificial White Orchid are crafted from fabric and are so accurate in every detail it is hard to believe they aren’t real. The plastic leaves, stems and visible roots are just as convincing.


With its beautiful and delicateflowers, the White Orchid will add sophistication to your living spaceand give any room a fresh look.


Garden Wonderland have a range of hedge coverings, artificial plants and succulents that have instant designer appeal, are maintenance free and will fit any home décor. The “indoor only” range offers natural foliage to brighten up your indoor spaces.


Key selling features

Natural foliage to brighten up indoor spaces

Instant designer appeal and maintenance free

Indoor Only

Adds beauty, style and design to your home

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