Light Green Ivy Expanding Hedge Trellis 2m x 1m


Hassle free maintenance with an instant visual “designer appeal” and UV treated for Australian conditions. With the ability to expand to 2m x 1m, this trellis will hide unwanted views and create a private environment. Stops dust from wind gusts. Offers natural foliage in a barren porch or in a dark, shady area. Encloses a patio for privacy. Covers exposed scenery along busy roads. Protects you and your family from the rays of the sun. Easy to install with simple connections that fit any fence or balcony.

Garden Wonderland are about artificial hedges that have instant designer appeal and are maintenance free and will fit any home décor.


Key selling features

High UV rating with a 5 year warranty

Expands to 2m x 1m, can also be expanded to 2.8m x 50cm for a denser foliage

Easy installation just simply click tiles together

Adds privacy and hide unwanted views

Instant designer appeal and maintenance free

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