5 Ideas for Decorating Your Space with Hedge Tiles

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Without the right inspiration, it can be difficult to imagine exactly how to fill a blank space in your  backyard, patio, balcony or other outdoor area. It can be difficult to know where to look, especially if you lack experience in landscaping or design.

Garden Wonderland sells high quality, easy-to-install, artificial products for this very reason. Anyone can use our hedge tiles to transform a “boring” wall, fence or surface into something that breathes life into your home, office, store or event space.

Here are just a few examples of artificial hedge tiles in action:

1. The Privacy Fence Many people install artificial hedge tiles because they want the added privacy, without the maintenance requirements. The panels can be attached to any surface – either nailed, cable tied or hung. If you feel uncomfortable with the privacy levels provided by your front or back fences, installing hedge tiles can be an easy way to fill in the gaps and create a thick screen of protection.

2. The Small Yard

Small backyards can be challenging – it needs to be attractive and functional WITHOUT being overcrowded. Hedge tiles or trellises are attached straight to your fence or surface, mean they take up very little room. You can use hedge tiles or trellises to add some nature to a small courtyard, or even an apartment balcony, without sacrificing space.

3. The Retail/Office Feature Wall

Fake hedging isn’t limited to living spaces. Many retail stores and hospitality outlets are using vertical hedges in recent designs. If you’re a business owner, a feature wall could be an incredible way to stand out from your competitors. Artificial hedges and plants also fit in with the office design trend of creative, liveable co-working spaces – places that people actually enjoy working in, rather than the generic, plain, cubicle offices of the past.

4. The Event Transformation

Artificial hedge tiles are a popular choice amongst event planners – whether its Vanity Fair and a room full of A-listers, a small wedding, public event or milestone birthday. Artificial hedge tiles are often used to create walls or backdrops for photo booths, fit in with a theme or cover up an otherwise plain or unattractive surface.

5. The Retreat

Escapist spaces are growing in popularity as people feel an urge to “disconnect” and take some time for themselves within their home. Getting amongst nature is a very common way for people to relax, so installing a hedge wall can produce  a very peaceful atmosphere. Artificial hedges have no mess or maintenance involved, so they be used outdoors OR indoors to create an escape.

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