5 Easy Ways to Transform Your Space with Artificial Hedges and Vertical Gardens

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all mange a big, beautiful green garden? Not all of us have the time, the money, the energy, the space OR the green thumb to look after living plants. Fortunately, there is a solution – going artificial!

Artificial plants such as vertical gardens and hedges give you WAY more flexibility over your design, plus there’s no responsibility for maintenance. No watering, no trimming, no dirt, no mess –  it’s a dream come true for busy people. Best of all, artificial plants still capture the essence of nature because they look so realistic. In fact, you’ve probably noticed artificial green walls and gardens popping up in all sorts of places – houses, offices and shopping centres to name a few.

Check out these easy ways to transform your space using products from Garden Wonderland – an exhibitor at the upcoming Melbourne August Gift Fair.

Liven Up Your Concrete Jungle Do you live in an apartment, unit, or house with a very small backyard? Artificial hedge tiles are a simple way to add some nature into your space. They are easy to install on any surface – concrete, wood, bricks, wire fences and more. A quick DIY job on the weekend = gorgeous greenery for years to come.

Hide Something Ugly

Remember when you were a kid and you threw your clothes under the bed or in your cupboard to hide your mess? Well, think of an artificial hedge as a more adult, more outdoorsy version of that practice. Not only can you use hedges to hide an unsightly spot at home, but you can also utilise them if you own a business.  See the expandable trellis hedge in action below – covering up a storage area at a café.

Fancy Feature Wall Ever walked into a room and thought “WOW”? Ever wanted someone to walk into your room and think “WOW”? An amazing feature wall can have that effect. Vertical gardens are perfect for creating a masterpiece in your home, office, backyard, retail or other commercial space. They are usually more 3D than artificial hedges, something which automatically engages the senses of your guests or customers – watch as they quickly reach out to touch your “natural” garden wall.

Design Trend: Escapism

At the start of the year, many design experts cited “escapism” as one of the big trends of 2017. Escapism is simply the creation of a room or space that allows one to – you guessed it – escape from reality and relax. For example, a room where no technology is allowed. Vertical gardens are the perfect addition to such a space. We all know how soothing and therapeutic it is to get out and about in nature, so why not bring that calm atmosphere into your home?

Protect Your Privacy Many people use artificial hedge tiles as privacy screens for their back or front yard. If you’re concerned about the privacy of your fence or a particular area of your home, hedge tiles are an easy way to fix it. You can even use them to raise the height of your fence.

Feeling inspired?

You can check out Garden Wonderland and their range of artificial hedge tiles, expandable hedges and vertical gardens at the Melbourne August Reed Gift Fair – August 5-9 at the Melbourne Showgrounds.

Blog post as originally published by Reed Gift Fair on behalf of Garden Wonderland

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