At Garden Wonderland, we offer an assortment of artificial hedge tilesvertical gardens, trellis hedges and artificial indoor plants. These artificial garden decor products are affordable, easy-to-install and have the aesthetic and security appeals of living plants.


Since 2014, we've worked hard in creating high-quality artificial plant solutions to add greenery to any space. Our products are perfect to use when redecorating an outdoor space – whether it’s a large backyard or a small balcony, disguise an ugly wall, increase privacy or even to add a touch of nature to your interior. In fact, artificial green walls have been a big design trend for quite some time now. Check out our blog, gallery and social media pages for ideas and inspiration!


All Garden Wonderland artificial hedge and vertical garden products are designed to look completely natural, whilst saving your time and energy on maintenance. High-quality materials ensure that your artificial plants are completely waterproof and long-lasting. No trimming, no watering, no fertilising, no nothing!


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